Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Services Offered by FIN PALS

I value your patronage and take this opportunity to announce the launch of many new services, strategic tie-ups and highlight the wide range of services on offer.
Here is a complete list of services offered by me in an endeavor to become a one stop solution for all your financial needs---

Premium Services

Exclusive Tie-up with SEBI Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) for unbiased, comprehensive and professional fee based Financial Planning services.

·       Comprehensive Financial Planning
o Holistic view of Personal Finance- includes Emergency Planning, Risk Planning, Investment Planning, Tax Planning and Retirement Planning
o   Unlimited number of  Life Goals covered (Education goals for child, Daughter’s Marriage, Family Vacation etc.)
o   Complete analysis of your present investment and insurance  portfolio
o   Risk Profiling
o   Asset Allocation
o Various versions of  Financial Planning solutions available based on your Life stage

·       Early Retirement Planning
o   Want to retire early?
o   Check the feasibility
o   Know the corpus required
o   Take a financially informed decision

·       Retirement Distribution Planning
o   How to manage your money after Retirement?
o   Check how long the corpus will last?
o   How much risk is required to be taken?

·       Risk Planning
o   Analysis of your insurance portfolio
o   Unbiased advise on Life, Health and Assets Insurance

·       WILL writing services
o   Know the importance of creating a WILL
o   Get your Succession Planning done
o   Supported by a 60 year old lawyer firm in Mumbai
o   Online facility and full support

·       Basic Financial Planning (FREE)
o   Introduce yourself to Financial Planning
o   Know about its importance
o   Improve your outlook to Personal Finance
o   A Free Health Check-up with no obligation
o   Available online on request

Financial Products & Services---

·       Mutual Funds
o  Move over completion of  Manual Forms and dependency on your advisor for service
o   Be the master of  your Mutual Funds portfolio
o Online solutions to holding Mutual Funds with single log in/password
o   Hold units of Mutual Funds in Demat form
o   Get your scattered Mutual Funds portfolio under one account
o Unique Mutual Funds Automated Portfolio Rebalancing System based on your Risk Profile
o    Call and Transact facility
o   Android App available. Transact in Mutual Funds with your mobile.
o   Funds from all major Fund houses available

·       Life Insurance
o   Know about the importance of Term Insurance
o   Facility to purchase Online Term Plans
o   Analysis of  your insurance needs
o Traditional Endowment, Money-Back, Child Plans, Whole Life plans available

·       Health Insurance
o   Comparative Quotes of  Health Insurance Policies from major Insurance companies
o   Cashless claim settlement
o   Critical Illness Policy
o   Senior Citizen Health Insurance Policy
o   Special and unique policies for Diabetics & Heart Patients

·       Personal Accident and Disability Insurance
o   Low premium, excellent coverage
o   Check why it is important for every individual

·       Householder’s Comprehensive Insurance
o   Protect your assets from natural calamities, theft, fire, burglary
o   Low premium, high on protection

·       Professional Indemnity Insurance
o   For professionals like Doctors, Lawyers etc.

·       ELRP (Employee Long Term Reward Program)
o  Unique tax effective solution thru’ insurance for entrepreneurs, Directors of Limited and Pvt. Ltd. companies, Partners in LLP
o   Save tax for your company/firm with benefits under section 10(10) D of the Income Tax Act.

·       Car Insurance
o   Comparative Quotes available from major insurance providers

·       Company Deposits/NCD’s/Capital Gains Bonds/Tax Free Bonds

·       Demat Account for investment in Shares

·       Loan
o   Housing Loan from ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank
o   All other forms of  Loan (Vehicle, Personal etc.)

·       CIBIL Report and Analysis

·       Tax Returns
o   Online facility
o   Support from Chartered Accountants
o  Charges differ as per intricacies of the Returns and assistance required

·       Real Estate
o   Direct tie-up with Builders across major cities in India
o   No Additional brokerage payable by you
o   Select schemes from reputed Builders
o Unique opportunities for investment in Land at strategic locations

·       www.carrokay.com
o   Unbiased opinion regarding your Car by experts
o   Register your car online (mention my name in reference)
o   For a very small amount get a quarterly Health Check done for your car
o   Job card prepared by Carrokay team and servicing of car done thru’ Authorized Dealers
o   Free pick up/ drop facility
o   Discount coupons for tyres, wheel alignment and battery

·       Plan your Holidays
o   Time share concept
o   Know the advantages and save loads of expenses on lodging during the holidays
o   Beat the inflation of lodging expenses for a lifetime

Looking ahead to guide you thru’ the financial products and services maze to the best of my knowledge and ability.

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